Balancing Life’s Issues (BLI) is a recognized leader and provider of customized corporate training programs. Organizations worldwide depend on us for the relevancy, range, and depth of the programs we provide. BLI has the most extensive array of trainers anywhere. Our bureau of more than 1,800 trainers has touched over a million lives and delivers over 13,000 training sessions per year. BLI offers an expansive catalog of proven training modules, all customizable to meet the bespoke needs of each client. We have a passion for science-based learning. Our trainers are subject matter experts who believe in the absolute power of kindness to improve the lives of their clients.


Our nationwide team of corporate trainers develops and delivers a meaningful curriculum on a wide range of topics with an unwavering commitment to service excellence. Audiences can expect dynamic, engaging, and relevant programs where employees are supported, motivated, and coached on creative solutions to the complex challenge of balance in work and life. From a one-hour seminar to a keynote address, Balancing Life’s Issues helps employees feel valued, and companies retain and enhance a more committed and productive staff.

BLI also offers self-assessment-based leadership training courses for Boards of Directors, Managers, and Executive-level professionals that focus on achieving results through management leadership training, goal setting, and action planning.