Staff Spotlight featuring BLI Account Manager James Francis

My BLI story:

I joined Wendy and the team here at BLI almost 6 years ago. Coming from a communication and media background helped me in my transition to becoming an account manager.

Just a bit about myself:

I was born and raised in New York City, the South Bronx to be exact. I was the youngest of 5 boys, so my days were always extremely interesting. I went on to spend my college years in the first state of Delaware and obtained my BA in Business and Communication.


My life changed completely in 2010 as my wife and I were told we would be parents. Shortly after we were informed twins were on the way. After being born 10 weeks early, surgeries, sleepless nights and everything in between, my perspective on life changed forever. My two healthy, beautiful girls just celebrated their 7th Birthday.

As an account manager and now a corporate trainer for BLI, I use my life, education, stories and perspective to continue to grow professionally. After conducting a number of seminars over the past few years, speaking is now a passion of mine (Thank you Wendy) as I love to bring joy and change to others, every chance I can get.

Other joys:

Travel and football are my two favorite things to do outside of family. Football has allowed me to meet some of my closest friends and now provides mentoring opportunities as well. As far as travel, my wife gets most of the credit for that. I am ready to stamp my passport again as I speak! And with that... see you on a beach somewhere far, far away!