In The Limelight with BLI Trainer Gracey Lichtenstein

Grace Lichtenstein, MS is an award-winning international speaker/trainer, psychotherapist, consultant, and a huge fan of all things nap-related. For the last 20 years, she has been working with individuals and corporate teams to improve their health, become more productive, and reduce their stress.

Through her training in both Western and Eastern wellness philosophies (including a BA in Psychology, an MS in Counseling Psychology, and certifications in addiction treatment), she has a comprehensive view of “what works”. In addition, her diverse experience working with thousands of people in 49 states and on 2 continents (ranging from native New Yorkers to Native Alaskans and from the FBI to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops), has allowed her to pinpoint some of the universal characteristics of successful individuals and teams.

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The “Success Achieved…Simply” Certification Program

This program is designed for the busy professional who has a desire to focus on growth and development without creating commitment overload. Made up of information gleaned from 20 years of working with individuals an d organizations about what makes people successful in the workplace, this program offers everything professionals have said, “I wish I had known this years ago!”

Courses are made up of a variety of information presentation genres to maximize students’ different learning and processing styles including: video instruction, textbook, textbook audio (when available), and individualized coaching.

While this program is intended to take 24 weeks, the focus is on the student’s ability to set aside dedicated time to learn, apply, and receive feedback on each of the courses. It is not recommended that students take fewer than 12 weeks or more than 9 months to complete.

Core Courses

There are 5 core video courses each student must complete. A course is made up of 4 modules which are an hour each. For each course, there is another hour of assignments to start the process of incorporating the concepts into each student’s real life. Each of these application assignments will be reviewed by the instructor who created the course to insure thorough understanding of the lesson and to provide feedback.

• “Who Do You Think You Are?” Excellence as a Choice
• Managing your Productivity
• “Say What?”: Communication to Get You What You Want
• Essentials of Customer Service
• Turn Down the HEAT: Handling Difficult Situations

Elective courses

In addition to the core courses, each student will take 2 electives from the following list of video courses:

• R U LOL? Basic Business Writing
• Global Communication and Leadership
• Does this make Cents? Financial Basics
• Do People “Like” You? Social Media skills
• From Stage Fright to Stage Fantastic: Basic Public Speaking Skills
• HR Skills: Hiring and Firing
• HR Skills: Policies and Procedures

• You, Me, and We: Meeting the Needs of the Individual AND the Team
• Break the Cycle: Addressing Self-Sabotage
• Forgiveness as a Business Best Practice
• Live Like a Rock Star! (without the fame, fortune, or having to get onstage)

Students can access more than their allotted 2 elective courses for an additional fee.

Don’t see a course you would like? Let us know and we will create it for you at no additional charge.

Textbook based courses

In addition to the structured video courses, each student will receive textbooks of some the most powerful productivity and business books by industry thought leaders. When available, audio versions will also be provided. Upon completion of each of the required texts, students will work to create a plan of how these concepts can be applied in their specific workplace. In addition to these required texts, students will receive some recommended texts to read at their leisure.

• “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman
• “Freak Factor” by David Rendall

Additional Resources

Finally, each student has access to additional resources which include:

• personalized needs assessment
• lifetime membership to a closed Facebook group of like-minded professionals to ask questions, get feedback, learn about new resources, and network
• six individual coaching sessions from the program expert of their choice
• free access to the annual, “Success Achieved…Simply” virtual conference to be held every October
• free copy of my signature, online, wellness program: “30 Days Toward Becoming Healthy, Productive, and Stress-Free”

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