In The Limelight with Dr. Ellen Contente

Dr. Ellen Contente has announced the release of her new Kindle book available on Amazon for purchase Tuesday, June 26th. between 9:00am - 12:00pm PST.

"It is an Eclectic collection of Thought-Provoking quotes from notable men and women, philosophers, spiritual leaders, social media, and even every day people like you and me that will infuse your day with Motivation and Empowerment! Read this little ‘light-hearted’ book from the beginning or choose a section to support you in your life now. Each ‘bite-sized’ musing is meant to inspire, motivate and encourage you to Move Forward in a more Positive and Uplifting Way!"

Each chapter is specifically focused on key life topics:
•Positive Expectancy
•The Power of Kindness
•Health and Wellness
•Keeping Cool
•Holiday Stress
•And even Foolishness!

Purchase Here

Dr. Ellen Contente Kindle book cover